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Attempting NEET Biology in 45 Minutes

by PW Gulf
January 15, 2024

Attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes requires an intelligent approach. Biology is super important, making up half of the NEET paper. It's easier to score in Biology than in Physics and Chemistry because the questions are more theoretical. In the exam, around 40-42 questions come from Class 11 topics, and 48-50 questions are from Class 12. Most questions are based on NCERT books, so focusing on them is crucial. 

Also, about 8-10 questions will likely be directly from previous years' NEET papers. With over 11-14 lakh students attempting NEET every year, it's considered a tough test. Understanding the types of questions and preparing well is key to attempting NEET Biology quickly. This article helps aspirants find the most effective preparation tips for attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes.

Attempting NEET Biology in 45 Minutes Overview

If you're aiming to crack the NEET Biology section in just 45 minutes, you're probably familiar with the NEET Exam Pattern 2024. The exam tests your knowledge in three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology – over 3 hours and 20 minutes. With around 1 minute per question (200 questions in total, and you need to answer 180) and half of them in the Biology section, it means you've got to tackle 90 Biology questions in that short 45-minute span.

Considering that NEET Biology 2024 carries a whopping 360 marks, it's clear that this part is crucial. But it's difficult – cracking 90 questions in 45 minutes requires serious effort. Before we dive into how to do it successfully, let's first understand how to split 200 minutes between 3 subjects of NEET 2024.

How to split 200 minutes into three different subjects of NEET 2024?

In optimizing your time for NEET preparation, consider each subject's suggested time allocations in the table below: 

Attempting NEET Biology in 45 Minutes - Time Division Between Different Subjects


Time to be Allotted



1 hour

Physics is often challenging and time-consuming, requiring computations for 80-90% of questions.


1 hour or lesser

Chemistry generally takes less time. Aim to complete in 50-55 minutes, adjusting if the section proves challenging.


45-50 minutes

Biology has concept-based questions, including matching, reasoning, and assertion. Aim for less than 45 minutes, ideally 39-40 minutes.

OMR Bubbling

20-25 minutes

Be attentive during OMR bubbling, as one mistake can impact your responses. Allocate this specific time slot.

Considering these time allocations, students usually prefer tackling Biology first, followed by Chemistry and then Physics. Biology is often chosen first due to its higher attempt rate in a shorter time. Chemistry involves both conceptual and numerical questions, while Physics, being lengthier, is often addressed last to save time. Individual preparation strategies may vary based on preferences and strengths, so feel free to adjust accordingly.

Tips for Attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes

Attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes is challenging. Still, it can be achieved with a strategic approach and rigorous practice. The key to success lies in mastering the fundamentals, with NCERT as the holy grail of knowledge. Understanding the importance of meticulous practice and the right resources can pave the way for success.

1. Establish a Strong Foundation

Begin your journey by mastering the NCERT textbooks. These books are not just a reference but the core of NEET Biology. Every line is a potential question, and comprehending the content thoroughly is non-negotiable. Ensure that you understand the context, examples, and applications of each concept presented in the NCERT books. Consider it the Bible of NEET Biology.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes hinges on consistent and thorough practice. The significance of previous years' papers cannot be overstated in this context. These papers serve as invaluable resources, offering crucial insights into the exam pattern and the kinds of questions likely to be posed. By actively engaging with and solving these papers, you subject yourself to diverse questions that may stem from a single concept. 

Through repetition, your proficiency in recognizing patterns is heightened, enabling you to tackle questions more adeptly and swiftly during the exam. This focused and strategic approach to practice is instrumental in successfully navigating the challenges posed by NEET Biology within the confines of a limited timeframe.

3. Solve NEET Biology Sample Papers and Mock Tests

Take a leap beyond the familiarity of previous years' papers and plunge into practicing with sample papers and mock tests for Attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes. These papers mimic the exam conditions and time restrictions, preparing you for the test scenario. 

Regularly tackling sample papers and mock tests is like a workout for your time management skills, helping you figure out where you're strong and might need more practice. 

Make sure to analyze your performance, mainly focusing on the areas where you can improve. This strategic and regular practice with simulated tests is crucial for successfully handling the challenges of NEET Biology within the given 45-minute timeframe.

4. Conceptual Understanding

Attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes is more than memorizing stuff; it's about getting what's happening. So, focus on understanding the concepts well. Dig deeper if you encounter something new or find a concept hard to grasp. Consider using additional NEET Biology reference books for further clarification.  For quality study materials, we recommend visiting the PW Store

Here, you will find expert-curated books aligned with the NEET syllabus, offering comprehensive coverage and maintaining high standards of accuracy. The materials include ample practice questions, previous papers, and exercises for adequate preparation. 

The better you understand everything, the easier it will be to answer questions during the exam. It's like building a strong base – the more solid it is, the quicker you can handle questions. So, take the time to grasp the concepts, and you'll be breezing through NEET Biology in those 45 minutes. 

5. Time Management Skills

In the NEET exam, time is super important, and managing it well is a big deal. Practice splitting your time for each section so you don't spend too much on one part. If a question will take a lot of time, it's okay to skip it and return later if you have time left. Figure out which questions you're good at and do those first. Don't let tricky questions eat up all your time. Prioritize based on what you're good at and how much time you need for each. With innovative time management like this, you'll increase your chances of doing well in the NEET biology exam, even with the 45-minute limit.

6. Revise Strategically

Attempting NEET biology in 45 minutes needs brilliant revision. Don't just go over everything again and again. Find the parts you're not so good at and focus on them. Make short notes with essential formulas and ideas. Use tricks like mnemonics to remember things fast. This way, you're revising smartly, keeping the important stuff in your head without wasting time on things you already know well. So, when you're in the NEET exam, you're ready to tackle any question in those 45 minutes. Intelligent and focused revision is the key to Attempting NEET biology in such a short time.

7. Stay Calm and Confident

Maintaining composure is crucial during the 45-minute NEET biology exam. The impact of stress on performance makes it vital to adopt effective pre-exam strategies. Developing a routine that induces relaxation is key; consider practices like deep breathing, meditation, or a quick review of essential concepts. These actions foster a calm and focused mindset as you approach the examination.

The significance of trust in your preparation cannot be overstated. With each question, carry the confidence derived from your diligent study efforts. Acknowledge the hard work invested and tackle questions with assurance, knowing you are well-prepared. This sense of assurance bolsters your mental state and sharpens your ability to navigate through questions efficiently within the allocated time frame.

Hope you found this article on attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes useful. Enroll in PW Gulf NEET Classes for top-notch preparation and crack exams with remarkable scores.

Attempting NEET Biology in 45 Minutes FAQs

Q1. How can I effectively manage my time during the NEET Biology exam to complete it within 45 minutes?

Ans: Prioritize questions based on your comfort level. Start with the ones you find easiest to gain quick marks. Allocate specific time slots for each section, ensuring you cover the entire syllabus.

Q2. Should I read the entire question paper before attempting any questions?

Ans: No, skimming through the paper is advisable to get an overview quickly. Start with the questions you are confident about to secure those marks early. Then, move on to more challenging ones.

Q3. What's the best strategy for answering multiple-choice questions (MCQs) within the time limit?

Ans: Read the question carefully, eliminate incorrect options, and then focus on choosing the most appropriate answer. Don't spend too much time on a single question; move on if unsure.

Q4. Is it necessary to attempt all questions, or should I prioritize accuracy over quantity?

Ans: Aim to answer all questions, but remember to be accurate. If you're not sure, take a guess based on what you know. Remember, NEET has negative markings, so accuracy is crucial.

Q5. How can I effectively revise key concepts on the exam?
Ans:  Prioritize topics you find challenging during your last-minute revision. Use mnemonic devices and flowcharts to remember essential information quickly. Focus on understanding concepts rather than rote memorization.

Q6. Should I stick to a fixed order while attempting the Biology paper, or can I jump between sections?

Ans: It's beneficial to have a flexible approach. Start with your vital areas to build confidence, but don't hesitate to jump between sections if a particular section is taking too much time. Time management is crucial.

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