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How Many Attempts for NEET

by PW Gulf
October 31, 2023

NEET Number of Attempts: One of the most common questions aspirants have about the NEET UG  exam is related to the NEET Age Limit and “How many attempts fir NEET are allowed”? Many applicants want to know the rules for the number of attempts and the age limit the NTA sets for NEET exams.

NEET is a single-level medical entrance exam organized by the National Testing Agency (NTA) to provide admission to aspirants in various medical courses in India. These include over: 

  • 100,000 MBBS seats, 

  • 27,868 BDS seats, 

  • 52,720 AYUSH courses (such as BHMS, BAMS, and BUMS), and 

  • 525 BVSc & AH seats 

These seats are offered in various colleges nationwide. Additionally, many universities also consider NEET results for admitting students to BSc nursing programs.

Here's the simple answer regarding the number of attempts: Currently, there are no restrictions on the age limit and the number of times you can attempt the NEET exam. The NMC (National Medical Commission) removed the limits on age and attempts for NEET UG 2024. 

So, if you're thinking of taking the test, you don't need to worry about these limits. Aspiring candidates can know more about the rules for the number of attempts and age limit for NEET 2024 in the article below before you apply for the entrance test.

How Many Times Can Candidates Attempt NEET 2024?

In 2021, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had initially stated that NEET would be conducted twice a year. However, there have been no official declarations regarding this, and for the past two years, NEET has continued to be held on a single date. NEET 2024 is also expected to follow the same pattern, with just one examination date this year.

A Timeline of NEET Controversy on Number of Attempts, Age Limit, and Eligibility 

NEET's Number of Attempts and other changes made since 2017 can be summarized as follows:


In 2017, CBSE initially set a rule for NEET-UG that allowed candidates only three attempts, including any previous AIPMT/NEET tries. They also introduced an upper age limit of 30 years for reserved candidates and 25 years for unreserved candidates. However, the Supreme Court overturned this rule in the same year.


In 2018, the Medical Council of India initially reintroduced an upper age limit for NEET, causing significant controversy and opposition from NEET candidates. However, this attempt limit rule was scrapped within a week. Now, there's no fixed number of attempts for NEET; instead, it's determined by the upper age limit criterion. The minimum age requirement for NEET candidates remains 17 years or above.


In 2019, there were two significant controversies surrounding NEET:


  • Initially, NIOS/open school students were not allowed to take NEET from 2018, despite being eligible until 2017. However, this rule was reversed, and they were allowed to participate.

  • There was also a controversy regarding students who had studied Biology as an additional subject in Class 11 and 12. In 2019, they were initially considered ineligible for NEET, but this restriction was lifted, permitting these students to participate in the exam.


In 2020, the NEET exam had no restrictions on the number of attempts, and it was conducted successfully.


In 2021, NEET had no age limit criteria when it was held on September 12.

2022 and 2023

Official notifications for 2022 and 2023 confirmed no limits on the number of attempts for NEET.


For 2024, there is currently no limit on the number of attempts for NEET.

NEET Age Limit 2024 - Upper and Lower Age Limit

Lower Age Limit: Candidates must be at least 17 when beginning their medical course. If their 17th birthday occurs before December 31, 2024, they meet the NEET eligibility criteria.

Upper Age Limit: Previously, there was an age limit of 25 years on the examination date, with a 5-year relaxation for SC/ST/OBC-NCL and PwD candidates. However, currently, there is no upper age limit, and any candidate who is 17 years old can take the NEET exam multiple times.

Benefits to Candidate if NTA Decides to Conduct NEET 2024 Twice

If NEET 2024 is held twice:

  • NEET rankings will be based on the better of two scores, a key advantage of having NEET twice a year.

  • A 10-15 day gap between the two NEET exams allows candidates ample time to prepare for the second one.

  • It eases the pressure on students by offering an extra chance to take the exam.

  • NEET candidates can select the best time for the exam, particularly benefiting those with concurrent board exams.’Conducting NEET twice allows students to correct mistakes in their second attempt.

  • The first NEET try provides students with a real-time exam experience.

  • Having NEET twice an academic year helps students enhance their scores more quickly.

Hope candidates found the information given in this article useful. If you are preparing NEET 2024 exam and looking for best NEET online classes, Get ready for NEET like a pro with PW NEET Online Course. Join today to make your medical dreams come true!

NEET Number of Attempts FAQs

Q1: How many times can I attempt the NEET exam?

Ans: You can take the NEET exam as many times as you want; there is no limit to the number of attempts.

Q2: I appeared for NEET in 2020. How many more times can I attempt the exam?

Ans: You can continue to appear for the NEET exam as many times as you wish, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

Q3: Who retains responsibility for conducting NEET 2024?

Ans: NTA (National Testing Agency) is the conducting body for NEET 2024. The official website for NEET 2024 is, will soon provide application details.

Q4: Will NTA conduct NEET 2024 twice a year?

Ans: No, there is no announcement from NTA regarding multiple NEET sessions. The exam will be held on a single day unless further announcements are made. For updates, please check the NTA's official website.

Q5: What is the mode of the NEET entrance exam?

Ans: NEET will be conducted offline, using a pen and paper-based format. Candidates will be provided with NEET OMR sheets in 2024 to record their answers, which will later be electronically evaluated.

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